Disinfecting Cleaners for Transportation

If you’ve ever held the handrail on a subway to keep from toppling over into the seat of someone next to you, you’ve probably thought about the hundreds of other people who have touched that handrail before you. It’s impossible to ignore the fact that high-touch surfaces on public transportation can be a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria that can cause illness.

Especially in light of recent world events, people are paying more attention than ever to cleanliness and traveling in a safe manner. Transportation, whether on a subway or a shuttle bus, has been impacted and stringent cleaning measures have been put in place to mitigate the spread of germs. If you’re a business owner in search of a way to clean and disinfect the surfaces in your cars, buses or planes, GermaFobe has solutions for you.

Our cleaning solutions can be used safely on public transportation like buses and subways; private and commercial aircraft; taxis and rideshare services; and other forms of transportation where people are constantly moving in and out.

Remains On Surfaces

An application of GermaFobe One-Step™ will remain on hard surfaces even with regular cleaning protocols.

An Invisible Shield

A weekly application of GermaFobe One-Step™ on hard surfaces provides an invisible shield against viruses and bacteria.

Industrial Use

GermaFobe One-Step™ Disinfects and Protects Surfaces from Germs & Bacteria in one easy step. Can Be Sprayed or Fogged. Works with Electrostatic Sprayers*

GermaFobe®: The New Way to Sanitize Anything, Anywhere

It’s no secret that cleaning products have been hard to find in many stores this year. Conveniently stocked at Sherwin Williams stores across the country, GermaFobe’s disinfecting cleaners are great alternatives to Lysol and Clorox products.

Coming in both a daily, bleach-based cleaner and a weekly, bleach-free treatment, you get the best of both worlds with our two GermaFobe products. Can’t decide which you need? Grab a 32 ounce bottle of each. Once you’ve witnessed the cleaning power firsthand, you can come back for a bigger size!



Two Products, Two Ways to Protect

Our disinfectants are the latest innovation in cleaning and sanitizing, offering you a new way to clean door handles, steering wheels, upholstery, buttons, knobs, hand rails and other high-touch objects common in various kinds of transportation.

If you’re looking for a product that you can use to easily wipe down your bus between shifts or your car between passengers, GermaFobe Disinfecting Germ & Virus Killer is the bleach sanitizing solution for you. Effective at killing 99.99% of germs that cause illnesses, this daily cleaner works to disinfect and sanitize surfaces with a quick spray and wipe method.

Because it is registered with the EPA and is an official N-List product, you know you’re getting a safe, effective surface disinfectant with GermaFobe. This daily cleaner is perfect for surfaces that are hard, washable and non-porous, such as plastic, glass and vinyl.

Because it uses bleach, GermaFobe Disinfecting Germ & Virus Killer is not recommended for use on fabrics or surfaces that could easily stain.
GermaFobe® Disinfecting Germ & Virus Killer
If you’re looking for a product that you can use weekly to not only kill bacteria and viruses on contact but can also protect surfaces from becoming re-infested with germs, look no further than GermaFobe ONE-STEP.

This weekly treatment creates a layer of protection against unwanted microorganisms and inhibits their growth and survival on surfaces for up to a week, making it perfect for use on surfaces that are touched and need constant cleaning.

Because it does not use bleach, GermaFobe ONE-STEP is great for non-porous surfaces like fiberglass, Formica and stainless steel as well as porous surfaces like upholstery and fabric—perfect for cleaning car or bus seats!

Disinfecting Solutions for Planes, Trains and Taxis 

It can be hard to find the perfect do-it-all disinfecting cleaners for transportation, which is why we invented GermaFobe. The perfect solution for small businesses and industrial uses alike, GermaFobe products provide a germ-free environment for your customers and passengers.

Health and safety are our top priorities, and we know they’re yours as well. If you’re a business owner searching for a new way to clean, pick up a bottle of ONE-STEP or GermaFobe Disinfecting Germ and Virus Killer today. We offer both in 1-gallon and 5-gallon sizes to fit your disinfecting needs.

How to Find Our Sanitizing Solutions

Find GermaFobe products at Sherwin Williams stores and Menards near you. You can also buy directly from our website! Questions or concerns? Contact us at: 833-429-0984