Sanitizing Solutions for Nail and Hair Salons

Salons of all kinds, from nail and hair salons to tanning salons and spas, have to follow stringent health and safety standards. Failure to keep up with hygienic techniques and cleaning practices can put customers and technicians in harm’s way. Especially during times like these, it’s important that you protect your small business and work to make it a safe environment free of germs and viruses.

That’s why you should invest in cleaning products that are designed specifically for small businesses to disinfect & sanitize their spaces, like GermaFobe, an EPA-approved disinfecting solution. GermaFobe “the alternative to Lysol and Clorox products,” that can be used on a number of different surfaces for targeted germ protection.

Remains On Surfaces

An application of GermaFobe One-Step™ will remain on hard surfaces even with regular cleaning protocols.

An Invisible Shield

A weekly application of GermaFobe One-Step™ on hard surfaces provides an invisible shield against viruses and bacteria.

Industrial Use

GermaFobe One-Step™ Disinfects and Protects Surfaces from Germs & Bacteria in one easy step. Can Be Sprayed or Fogged. Works with Electrostatic Sprayers*


GermaFobe®: The New Way to Sanitize Anything, Anywhere


GermaFobe provides all of the benefits of a surface disinfectant, bleach sanitizing solution and disinfectant for carpet with just two convenient products. No matter what you’re looking to clean or sanitize, GermaFobe has a product that can cover all the bases. Choose between a daily, bleach-based cleaning solution or a weekly bleach-free treatment to disinfect and sanitize your salon or spa. Each of our products are available in three sizes: a 32 ounce spray bottle, a 1-gallon size and a 5-gallon size.

Our Two Disinfecting Solutions

You’ve now read the claims about GermaFobe disinfecting solutions, but what’s the difference between them, and how do you choose? The good news is there isn’t a one-size fits all answer. You may find one product gets the job done for you as you sanitize your equipment and high-touch surfaces like checkout counters and doorknobs, or you may use them in combination for ultimate germ protection. Here’s the rundown on GermaFobe’s disinfecting cleaners:

GermaFobe® Disinfecting Germ & Virus Killer

If you’re looking for a bleach sanitizing solution you can use daily at your salon, GermaFobe Disinfecting Germ & Virus Killer kills 99% of germs that cause illnesses. To use, spray the surface until wet and allow it to stand for at least 30 seconds. Then rinse the surface and let it air dry. That’s it!

An EPA registered and N-List product, it’s safe for use on non-porous surfaces such as:

GermaFobe® Disinfecting Germ & Virus Killer

If you’re looking for a product you can use to reduce the growth of new germs, GermaFobe ONE-STEP is the solution you’re looking for. ONE-STEP begins disinfecting on contact, but when dry, it leaves an invisible barrier that continues to kill germs, viruses and bacteria for up to 7 days. Safe to use in addition to our Disinfecting Germ & Virus Killer, ONE-STEP works by creating an invisible shield against viruses and bacteria.

ONE-STEP is also different from its sister product in that it can be used on surfaces such as upholstery and carpet. An antimicrobial agent, it inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria and is also effective against algae, fungi, mold and mildew.

Because it is formulated to be bleach-free, ONE-STEP will not cause discoloration on surfaces. It can also be sprayed or fogged in most applications. It is safe to use on nonporous, washable bathroom and kitchen surfaces including:

Keep Your Salon Sanitized with GermaFobe® 

These days, you can never be too overzealous with your cleaning routine. Keep common area surfaces like chairs, tables and drink dispensers clean and sanitized with daily application of GermaFobe Disinfecting Germ & Virus Killer. Use it to clean sinks, tubs, tools, equipment and bathroom fixtures. For an extra layer of protection during a time when everyone is focused on cleanliness and hygiene, use ONE-STEP to prevent viruses from lingering on surfaces in your salon or spa.

Shop for GermaFobe® Disinfecting Cleaners

You can find GermaFobe products at a Sherwin Williams or Menards location near you, just ask a store associate for help locating the product. GermaFobe can also be purchased directly from our website. Have questions about GermaFobe? Give us a call at 833-429-0984