Just Spray It. Leave The Worries Behind.

GermaFobe is a hospital-grade, patented formula that kills 99.9% of bacteria and virus within minutes and leaves behind an invisible shield that prevents regrowth or recontamination for a week.

Give you and your family the piece of mind of knowing that your home is protected with the best treatment available.

Remains On Surfaces

An application of GermaFobe One-Step™ will remain on household surfaces even with regular cleaning protocols.

An Invisible Shield

A weekly application of GermaFobe One-Step™ provides an invisible shield against viruses and bacteria.

Household Use

GermaFobe One-Step™ Disinfects and Protects Household Surfaces from Germs & Bacteria in one easy step.

GermaFobe ONE-STEP™

Cleans, Disinfects, Deodorizes, & Protects - In One Step!

one step cleaner germafobe

GermaFobe Disinfecting Germ & Virus Killer

GermaFobe kills 99.99% of germs that cause illnesses.